Trip Report for Central Veracruz, August 2 - 11, 2007
Participants: Kim Garwood, Jim Brock, Bill Berthet, Nelson Dobbs

Bob Straub, recently with Pronatura Veracruz and now the Eagle Optics representative for Mexico, was very helpful with arranging our trip. Buy his book, Where to Find Birds in Veracruz, available through Pronatura Veracruz, They also do birding tours if you don’t want to do it all yourself, especially in Sept/Oct for the River of Raptors migration. Most of the locations we went to, and all of the hotels/cabins, (except Veracruz) are in Bob’s book.
This trip was mostly in the highlands of central Veracruz, up in cloud forest between 1,000 - 1,300 meters. We did not go to the lowlands around Catemaco.

Jim and I took the UNO bus from Reynosa to Veracruz, an overnight trip of 16 hours, leaving Reynosa at 8pm, getting to Veracruz around 11- noon the next day. Cost 998 pesos each way. Nelson and Bill flew into Veracruz from Houston, arrived about 11:30pm and got a hotel for the night, the Hotel Suites Mediterraneo for 620 pesos. It was on the beach, south of Veracruz city in Boca del Rio. A simple but adequate hotel, one of the cheaper ones on the beach, used mostly by Mexican families on their beach vacation. Jim and I took a cab from the downtown bus station to their hotel, where we then took off for Xalapa in our rental car from Hertz. The car cost about $1,000 for 10 days, including insurance.

We stayed 4 nights at the Posada del Cafeto in Xalapa, (1,250 meters/4,000') a nice little hotel for 450 pesos/night for 2 people. The only problem is it’s in downtown Xalapa, so parking is tough and it can be intimidating to drive in. But it was very quiet, rooms around a nice courtyard. Phone 228-817-0023, they speak very little english. Another potential hotel, much easier access, is Hotel El Valle in Perote, 2300 meters/7000', about 20 miles west of Xalapa. This hotel is a block or two off the main highway, much smaller town, so no traffic problems. But one advantage of staying in Xalapa is you have many great restaurants to choose from, as Xalapa is a university town and a real city, while Perote is an upgraded village.

We had 3 full days out of Xalapa. First day we drove up to Las Minas for the morning, a great road along the edge of a large canyon. We had several good skippers, including Roever’s Skipperling/Piruna roeveri, Snowball Skipper/Paratrytone aphracoia, and Oyamel or Monticola Skipper/Poanes monticola. The Mexican Pine Satyrs/Paramacera xicaque were abundant, and we were hoping for Cloud-forest Pine Satyr/P. chinanteca, but didn’t find any. Then we continued to the west, through Perote and out into the desert to Los Humeros. Totally different habitat, large joshua tree like yuccas, very pretty but few bugs. We did see 2 different checkerspots, got good looks & photos at Black Checkerspot/Chlosyne cyneas. Jim had 2 females he thought were Fulvia Checkerspot/Chlosyne fulvia, which would be a long way from their known area, but he couldn’t catch them. If you go, look for orange-ish checkerspots. Late in the day we drove up Cofre de Perote, where we found the rare Guatemalan Hairstreak/Callophrys guatemalena.

The 2nd day, Sunday Aug 5th, Bob Straub joined us and suggested we check out Atorón, a coffee plantation close to Xalapa. We hiked up a truck track through the coffee to a small pass and had a good selection of butterflies, but not as many as the habitat looked like should be there. It was a nice sunny morning, but there wasn’t lots of stuff flying. We did get our first looks at Orange Cracker/Hamadryas fornax, a Veracruz specialty. Also there were lots of Mimic Whites, Enantia jethys and E. albania, as well as lots of Frosted Mimic Whites/Lieinix nemesis, both males and females. We also went to the waterfall at Xico, but it was packed w/visitors, as it was Sunday afternoon. Better visit this place during the week. Lots and lots of Anna’s 88's/Diaethria anna.

Bob also strongly recommended Chavarrillo, see his book, but we never made it. Another good spot is the Macuiltepetl Park in the middle of Xalapa. This is a large wooded park on the slopes of an extinct volcano, closed to cars, with a 5+ km road you can walk that winds around up to the top. It’s very good for birding, motmots, trogons, blue mockingbird, and has good cloud forest butterflies. I’ve seen Star Satyr/ , Mountain Longwing/Heliconius hortense, and a couple of species of clearwings there.

Our last full day in Xalapa we went looking for some spots Jim had visited a few years ago, out from Coatepec back towards Hwy 140. We found the spot, about 10 km west of 140, taking off about 5 km east out of Xalapa. One field of weeds had been turned into a baseball diamond, but just next to it was a great dirt road that ran up into coffee plantations again. This morning was cool and drizzly, and we had a number of great skippers basking on top of the grasses and posing very nicely for photographs. We dodged the rain all morning and early afternoon, and probably had some of the best photography opportunities of the trip. Not just skippers, as Brilliant Metalmark or Carousing Jewelmark/Anteros carausius also posed with wings open, something you rarely see. Lots of tigerwings also, Variable Tigerwing/Mechanitis menapis being the most common, but other Mechanitis were there too, along with a number of satyrs. But the skippers were the stars; there were more False Mottled Skippers/Codatractus hyster than I’ve ever seen before. Lots of skippers were collected by Jim and will hopefully be id’ed accurately by the experts in Mexico.

On Tuesday Aug 7 we moved to the Mullers’ old hacienda, El Mirador, for 2 nights. This was a couple of hours from Xalapa outside the town of Totutla off Hwy 125. Jorge Muller was a very gracious host, and his daughter, Eileen, a biologist, made us very welcome. Jorge’s email is, and he speaksEnglish well. It was like staying with the family. The food was excellent and the bugs were exciting! And it cost $60 or 600 pesos/day per person, including all the food. We had over 170 species on our one full day. Wish we could have spent a couple of days more; I’m sure there was much more to find. This is another coffee finca or plantation, about 1,000 to 1,100 meters. They have over 300 acres, much of it in coffee but some good forest as well, so you get a variety of habitats. This was cracker heaven, we had 6 species of Hamadryas. Plus you could get up to some hilltops, where there was a lot going on. 2 species of Theritas hairstreaks and Probetor or Champion’s Metalmarks/Symmachia probetor lekking up top along with Myrtea Jewelmark/Sarota myrtea in several places on the trails, and scads of gaudy Nymphalids all over. This is a great spot! The only downside is the 3 bedrooms share one bathroom, and you have to walk through 2 of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom. But assuming you’re all friends, that shouldn’t be a problem; it wasn’t for the 4 of us. The middle bedroom has french doors that open out onto a lovely wide verandah where we had several meals and watched Owlets/Opsiphanes lay eggs on the palms at dusk, along with White-spotted Satyrs/Manataria hercyna fighting over territory on the trunk of a large tree right next to the verandah. My favorite was a gorgeous little bright orange metalmark, Zebra-tipped or Margaretta Metalmark/Mesene margaretta, found in the coffee by Jim late in the day.

On Thursday Aug 9 we reluctantly moved on to Ruiz Cortines, which turned out to be yet another great location. This is a good paved road up from San Andres Tuxtla to about 1,100 meters, ending at the small village of Ruiz Cortines. The local people have built a simple rustic cabin where we stayed, 500 pesos/night for all 4 of us. It’s a great location, but they were still working out some of the kinks. The shower didn’t work, but they provided us with a nice bucket of cold water. The people were very friendly and tried to please. And again the bugs were fabulous. Their specialty is the beautiful White Morpho/Morpho polyphemus luna. This is a different subspecies from the one found on the west coast, and it was spectacular to watch them float through the dark forest. They were common in the tall forest, often we would see 2 or 3 chasing each other through the trees. I think this may be a July/August happening, however.

The next day we spent the full day working the road up to Ruiz Cortines, especially at the transition zone between the tall forest and the scrubby brush. There were more butterflies in the scrubby zone, as there was more sun, but the morphos were only in the forest. Right at the transition zone we got great shots of a most cooperative Edocla Redring/Pyrrhogyra edocla, and there were lots of Chestnut Crescents/Anthanassa argentea, both males and females, up in a large meadow surrounded by forest, as well as more new clearwings. But the stars of the road were the hairstreaks coming to the cordia flowers, small white bell-shaped flowers on long branches that tended to grow right next to the road. I’ve seen cordia down by Catemaco, but this may have been a different species as it was up a little in elevation. The hairstreaks loved it, we probably had more than 25 species, and so did the skippers, as well as the Daggerwings. We had dozens of Many-banded Daggerwings/Marpesia chiron, as well as a number of Ruddy Daggerwings/Marpesia petreus. For the hairstreaks we had several Neora Hairstreaks/Brangas neora, lots of greenstreaks of various kinds including Erora and Chalybs, at least one, maybe two species of Lamprospilus, and a beautiful female Petelina Hairstreak/Ocaria petelina laying eggs. One of my favorites, of which there were many, was the White-striped Groundstreak/Calycopis clarina. We called it the hairstreak highway. I suspect we had more than 200 species on this one day there.

On the last day we had to head back to Veracruz before noon, much to our regret. From there we caught the bus back to Reynosa, leaving Veracruz at 3:30pm to arrive about 7 or so the next morning.


Scientific Name Common Name Distribution, notes
    Family PAPILIONIDAE: 18 species SWALLOWTAILS  
    Subfamily Papilioninae: 18 species    
Battus laodamas copanae/B. ingenuus Green-patch Swallowtail/Dyar's Y   E Mexico
Parides photinus Pink-spotted Cattleheart Y
Parides montezuma Montezuma’s Cattleheart Y
Eurytides sp white Mexican Kite-Swallowtail
Eurytides philolaus philolaus Dark Kite-Swallowtail Y
Mimoides thymbraeus thymbraeus White-crescent Swallowtail Y
Mimoides ilus branchus Ilus Swallowtail Y    E Mexico
Mimoides phaon phaon Variable Swallowtail  Y
Papilio polyxenes asterius Black Swallowtail Y
Papilio (Pterourus) multicaudata grandiosus Two-tailed Tiger Swallowtail Y
Papilio (Pterourus) garamas abderus Magnificent Swallowtail Y   E Mexico
Papilio (Pterourus) victorinus victorinus Victorine Swallowtail Y   E Mexico
Papilio (Heraclides) cresphontes Giant Swallowtail Y
Papilio (Heraclides) thoas autocles Thoas Swallowtail Y
Papilio (Heraclides) astyalus pallas Broad-banded Swallowtail Y   E Mexico
Papilio (Heraclides) ornythion Ornythion Swallowtail  Y   E Mexico
Papilio (Heraclides) androgeus epidaurus Androgeus Swallowtail Y
Papilio (Heraclides) anchisiades idaeus Ruby-spotted Swallowtail Y
    Family PIERIDAE: 33 species WHITES and YELLOWS  
    Subfamily Dismorphinae: 5  species Mimic-Whites  
Dismorphia amphione praxinoe Tiger Mimic-White Y   E Mexico
Enantia albania albania Costa-spotted Mimic-White Y  
Enantia jethys Jethys Mimic-White Y    
Enantia mazai De La Maza's Mimic-White Y
Lieinix nemesis atthis Frosted Mimic-White Y   E Mexico
    Subfamily Pierinae: 9 species Whites  
Catasticta flisa  Narrow-banded Dartwhite Y
Catasticta nimbice ochracea Mexican Dartwhite Y  Chiapas
Catasticta nimbice (segregate) Mexican Dartwhite
Catasticta teutila  Golden or Pure-banded Dartwhite C Mexico
Pereute charops charops Charcoal or Darkened White Y  E Mexico
Melete lycimnia isandra Creamy White Y
Glutophrissa drusilla tenuis Florida White Y
Leptophobia aripa elodia Mountain White Y
Ascia monuste monuste Great Southern White Y
    Subfamily Coliadinae: 19 species Yellows  
Anteos clorinde White Angled-Sulphur Y
Anteos maerula Yellow Angled-Sulphur Y
Phoebis sennae marcellina Cloudless Sulphur Y
Phoebis philea philea Orange-barred Sulphur Y
Phoebis agarithe agarithe Large Orange Sulphur ?
Phoebis argante Apricot Sulphur Y
Phoebis neocypris virgo Tailed Sulphur Y
Aphrissa statira statira Statira Sulphur Y
Kricogonia lyside Lyside Sulphur Y
Eurema daira eugenia Barred Yellow Y  E Mexico
Eurema mexicana mexicana Mexican Yellow Y
Eurema salome jamapa Salome Yellow Y
Eurema xantochlora xanthochlora Tropical Yellow Y
Eurema albula celata Ghost or White Yellow Y
Pyrisitia proterpia Tailed Orange Y
Eurema nise nelphe Mimosa Yellow Y
Eurema dina westwoodi Dina Yellow Y
Abaeis nicippe Sleepy Orange Y
Nathalis iole Dainty Sulphur ?
    Family LYCAENIDAE: 40 species GOSSAMERWINGS  
    Subfamily Theclinae: 36 species Hairstreaks  
Allosmaitia strophius Strophius Hairstreak ?
Arawacus jada Creamy Hairstreak ?
Arawacus sito Fine-lined Hairstreak  Y
Brangas neora Common Brangas Y
Brevianta sp   Y
Callophrys guatemalena Guatemalan Hairstreak Y
Calycopis clarina Clarina Groundstreak Y
Calycopis isobeon Dusky-blue Groundstreak  Y
Chalybs janais Janais Greenstreak Y
Chlorostrymon simaethis sarita Silver-banded Hairstreak  Y
Cyanophrys herodotus Tropical Greenstreak Y
Cyanophrys longula Mountain Greenstreak  Y
Electrostrymon sangala Ruddy Groundstreak Y
Erora carla Carla or Black-edged Dreamstreak Y
Erora opisena Druce's or Opisena Dreamstreak Y?
Eumaeus toxea Mexican Cycadian Y
Lamprospilus collucia Two-toned Groundstreak ?
Lamprospilus sethon Large or Sethon Groundstreak Y
Ministrymon azia Gray Ministreak Y   "guacanagari"
Ocaria petelina Petelina Hairstreak Y
Oenomaus ortygnus Aquamarine Hairstreak Y
Panthiades bathildis Zebra-striped Hairstreak  Y
Pseudolycaena damo Sky-blue Hairstreak  ?
Rekoa marius/zebina Marius Hairstreak Y
Rekoa meton Meton Hairstreak  Y
Rekoa palegon Gold-bordered Hairstreak Y
Strymon albata White Scrub-Hairsreak Y   (= sedecia)
Strymon istapa istapa Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak Y
Strymon megarus/ziba Megarus Scrub-Hairstreak  Y
Strymon melinus franki Gray Hairstreak Y
Strymon mulucha Mottled Scrub-Hairstreak Y
Strymon yojoa Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak Y
Theritas augustinula Augustinula Hairstreak Y
Theritas lisus Lisus Hairstreak Y
Ziegleria hesperitis Common or Hesperitis Groundstreak Y
Ziegleria sp, myb ceromia?   Y
    Subfamily Polyommatinae: 4 species Blues  
Leptotes cassius cassidula Cassius Blue Y   (= striata)
Cupido comyntas texana Eastern Tailed-Blue Y
Hemiargus ceraunus  Ceraunus Blue Y   hanno
Echinargus isola Reakirt’s Blue (= alce)
    Family RIODINIDAE: 18 species METALMARKS  
    Subfamily Euselasiinae: 1 species Euselasia and relatives  
Euselasia eubule  Dusky Euselasia Y
    Subfamily Riodininae: 17 species True Metalmarks  
Anteros carausius Carousing Anteros Y
Apodemia walkeri Walker's Metalmark Y
Calephelis sp   Y, probably multiple species
Calydna sturnula Sturnula Metalmark Y   (= hegias), (= sinuata)
Chalodeta sp   Y
Emesis mandana furor Great Emesis  Y
Emesis tegula Tegula Emesis Y
Emesis tenedia Falcate Emesis Y
Hypophylla sudias sudias White-banded Metalmark Y
Lasaia agesilas callaina Black-patched or Shining Lasais Y
Leucochimona vestalis vestalis Vestalis Metalmark Y
Melanis pixe pixe  Pixie  Y  (= sexpunctata)
Mesene margaretta margaretta Zebra-tipped Metalmark Y
Rhetus arcius Arcius Swordtail or Long-tailed Metalmark  Y
Sarota myrtea Godman's Sarota Y
Symmachia probetor championi Champion's Metalmark Y
Thisbe lycorias lycorias Banner Metalmark Y
    Family NYMPHALIDAE: 112 species BRUSHFOOTS  
    Subfamily Libytheinae: 1 species Snouts  
Libytheana carinenta mexicana American Snout ?
    Subfamily Danainae: 4 species Monarch and relatives  
Lycorea halia atergatis Tiger Mimic-Queen Y  "cleobaea"
Lycorea ilione albescens Clearwing Mimic-Queen Y    
Danaus gilippus thersippus Queen Y
Danaus eresimus montezuma Soldier Y
    Subfamily Ithomiinae: 9 species Clearwings and Tigerwings  
Mechanitis lysimnia utemaia Lysimnia Tigerwing ?
Mechanitis menapis doryssus Menapis Tigerwing Y
Mechanitis polymnia lycidice Polymnia or Disturbed Tigerwing Y
Ithomia leila Leila’s Clearwing Y   
Oleria paula Paula’s Clearwing Y
Dircenna klugii Klug’s Clearwing Y
Episcada salvinia salvinia Salvin's Clearwing Y  E Mexico
Pteronymia artena artena Artena Clearwing E Mexico
Greta morgane oto  'Darkened' Rusty Clearwing Y  E Mexico
    Subfamily Heliconiinae: 13 species Actinotes, Heliconians and Fritillaries  
    Tribe Acraeini: 1 species Actinotes  
Altinote ozomene nox Lamplight Actinote Y
    Tribe Heliconiini: 11 species Longwings  
Agraulis vanillae incarnata Gulf Fritillary Y
Dione moneta poeyii Mexican Silverspot  Y
Dione juno huascuma Juno Longwing Y
Dryadula phaetusa Banded Longwing Y
Dryas iulia moderata Julia  Y
Eueides isabella eva Isabella’s Longwing ?   (= zoracon), E Mexico
Eueides lineata White-dotted or Lineata Longwing Y
Heliconius charithonia vazquezae Zebra Longwing Y
Heliconius erato petiverana Crimson-patched or Erato Longwing Y   E Mexico
Heliconius hortense Mexican or Mountain Longwing  Y
Heliconius ismenius telchinia Tiger-striped or Ismenius Longwing  Y
    Tribe Argynnini: 1 species Fritillaries  
Euptoieta hegesia meridiana Mexican Fritillary  Y
    Subfamily Nymphalinae: 24 species True Brushfoots  
Chlosyne janais Crimson Patch  Y
Chlosyne rosita  Rosita Patch Y
Chlosyne cyneas cyneas Cyneas Checkerspot  Y
Chlosyne lacinia Bordered Patch Y
Phyciodes pallescens Mexican Crescent Y
Anthanassa ardys  Ardys Crescent Y
Anthanassa drusilla lelex Orange-patched Crescent Y
Anthanassa ptolyca amator Darkened or Black Crescent Y
Anthanassa argentea Chestnut Crescent Y
Anthanassa tulcis Pale-banded Crescent ?
Tegosa guatemalena Guatemalan Crescent Y
Castilia griseobasalis Gray-based Crescent Y
Castilia myia Mayan Crescent  Y
Eresia phillyra phillyra Square-tipped or Longwing Crescent Y
Polygonia haroldii Spotless Anglewing Y
Hypanartia godmanii Godman's Mapwing Y
Hypanartia lethe Orange Mapwing Y
Colobura dirce dirce Dirce Beauty Y
Smyrna blomfildia datis Blomfild’s Beauty Y
Junonia evarete nigrosuffusa Dark Buckeye ?
Junonia evarete (W Mexico) Tropical Buckeye  
Junonia genoveva (Mexican segregate) Mangrove Buckeye  
Anartia jatrophae luteipicta White Peacock Y
Anartia fatima fatima Banded Peacock Y
Siproeta stelenes biplagiata Malachite  Y
Siproeta epaphus epaphus Rusty-tipped Page Y
    Subfamily Limenitidinae: 5 species Sisters and Admirals  
Adelpha serpa celerio Celerio Sister Y
Adelpha iphiclus iphiclus Pointer or Iphiclus Sister  Y
Adelpha lycorias melanthe Rayed Sister  Y
Adelpha leuceria leuceria Orange-or-Yellow-striped Sister  Y   Mullers
Adelpha leucerioides leucerioides Veracruz or Tawny-striped Sister Y  RzC  E Mexico
    Subfamily Biblidinae: 25 species Exotic Brushfoots  
Marpesia chiron marius Many-banded Daggerwing Y
Marpesia harmonia Pale Daggerwing Y
Marpesia petreus (northern segregate) Ruddy Daggerwing Y
Marpesia zerynthia dentigera Waiter Daggerwing Y  (= coresia)
Biblis hyperia aganisa Red Rim Y
Bolboneura sylphis  Variable or Crinkled Banner Y
Catonephele mexicana East-Mexican Banner Y
Catonephele numilia esite Blue-frosted Banner Y  E Mexico
Diaethria anna  Anna’s Eighty-eight Y
Diaethria astala astala Astala Eighty-eight Y  E Mexico
Diaethria pandama Orange-striped Eighty-eight Y
Dynamine postverta mexicana Mexican or Four-spotted Sailor  Y  "mylitta"
Epiphile adrasta adrasta Common Banner Y  E Mexico
Eunica monima Dingy Purplewing  Y
Hamadryas amphinome mexicana Red Cracker Y  E Mexico
Hamadryas februa ferentina Gray Cracker  Y
Hamadryas feronia farinulenta Variable Cracker Y
Hamadryas fornax fornacalia Orange Cracker Y
Hamadryas glauconome glauconome Glaucous Cracker Y
Hamadryas guatemalena  Guatamalan Cracker ?  
Hamadryas iphthime joannae Brownish Cracker Y
Mestra amymone Northern Mestra Y
Pyrrhogyra edocla edocla Green-spotted Banner Y  E Mexico
Pyrrhogyra otolais otolais Double-banded Banner Y
Temenis laothoe (E Mexico) Orange Banner Y
    Subfamily Charaxinae: 8 species Leafwings and relatives  
Consul electra electra Pearly Leafwing Y  E Mexico
Consul fabius cecrops Tiger-striped Leafwing  Y
Siderone galanthis (Mexican segregate) Red-striped Leafwing Y
Anaea aidea Tropical Leafwing Y
Fountainea eurypyle confusa Pointed Leafwing Y  E Mexico
Memphis philumena xenica Orange-striped Leafwing Y
Archaeoprepona demophon centralis One-spotted Prepona Y  E Mexico
Archaeoprepona demophoon gulina Two-spotted Prepona Y  E Mexico
    Subfamily Apaturinae: 0 species Emperors  
    Subfamily Mrophinae: 5 species Morphos and Owl Butterflies  
    Tribe Morphini: 2 species Morphos and Antirrheas  
Morpho helenor montezuma Common Morpho  Y   peleides", "achilles", E Mexico
Morpho polyphemus luna White Morpho Y   SE Mexico
    Tribe Brassolini: 3 species Owl Butterflies  
Caligo telamonius memmon Pale Owl-Butterfly Y
Caligo uranus Gold-edged Owl-Butterfly Y
Opsiphanes cassiae mexicana Cassia's Owl-Butterfly Y? Opsiphanes sp
Opsiphanes cassina fabricii Split-banded Owl-Butterfly  
Opsiphanes invirae relucens Lowland Owl-Butterfly  
Opsiphanes quiteria quirinus Scalloped Owl-Butterfly Y
Opsiphanes tamarindi tamarindi Narrow-banded Owl-butterfly  
    Subfamily Satyrinae: 18 species Satyrs  
Manataria hercyna maculata White-spotted Satyr Y
Cepheuptychia glaucina Dirty-blue Satyr  Y
Cissia confusa Confused Satyr ?
Cissia labe Labe Satyr Y
Cissia pompilia Plain Satyr Y
Cissia pseudoconfusa Gold-stained Satyr ?
Cyllopsis hedemanni hedemanni Stub-tailed Gemmed-Satyr Y
Euptychia westwoodi Westwood’s Satyr Y   "mollina"
Hermeuptychia sosybius Carolina Satyr Y
Magneuptychia libye Blue-gray Satyr Y
Paramacera xicaque xicaque Mexican Pine-Satyr Y
Pareuptychia metaleuca metaleuca White-banded or One-banded Satyr ?
Pareuptychia ocirrhoe (Mexican segregate) White or Two-banded Satyr Y
Taygetis rufomarginata Rufous-margined Satyr ?
Taygetis thamyra Thamyra Satyr Y
Taygetis virgilia Stub-tailed Satyr Y
Yphthimoides renata Renata Satyr Y
Gyrocheilus patrobas patrobas Red-bordered Satyr Y
    Family HESPERIIDAE 109 species SKIPPERS  
    Subfamily Pyrrhopginae: 1 species Firetips, Golf-Club Skippers  
Pyrrhopyge zenodorus Red-headed Firetip Y
    Subfamily Pyrginae: 66 species Spreadwing Skippers  
Achlyodes pallida Pale or Pallid Sicklewing Y   (= selva)
Aguna asander asander Gold-spotted Aguna
Aguna claxon Emerald Aguna Y  
Anastrus sempiternus sempiternus Common Anastrus Y  
Antigonus corrosus Small Spurwing Y
Antigonus erosus Common Spurwing  Y
Astraptes "fulgerator azul" Two-barred Flasher, Flashing Astraptes Y
Astraptes alardus latia Frosted Flasher Y
Astraptes alector hopfferi Gilbert’s Flasher Y   (= gilberti)
Astraptes anaphus annetta Yellow-tipped Flasher  Y
Astraptes egregius Small-spotted Flasher Y
Astraptes talus Green Flasher Y
Atarnes sallei Orange-spotted Skipper Y
Autochton longipennis/zarex Spike Banded-Skipper Y
Autochton neis Broad Banded-Skipper Y
Bolla brennus brennus Obscure Sootywing ?
Bolla cupreiceps Copper-headed Sootywing Y
Bolla oiclus imbras Rounded Sootywing  Y   (= pullata)
Cabares potrillo potrillo Potrillo Skipper Y
Carrhenes canescens canescens Hoary Skipper Y
Chioides albofasciatus White-striped Longtail Y
Chiomara georgina georgina White-patched Skipper  Y   "asychis"
Codatractus hyster Hyster Skipper Y
Cogia calchas Mimosa Skipper Y
Eantis tamenund Northern Sicklewing (Sickle-winged Skipper) Y  "Achlyodes mithridates"
Epargyreus sp Silverdrop Y
Gesta invisus False Duskywing Y   "gesta"
Gorgythion begga/vox Variegated Skipper Y
Helias cama Squared Bent-Skipper  Y
Heliopetes alana Alana White-Skipper Y
Heliopetes arsalte Veined White-Skipper Y
Mylon lassia Bold Mylon Y
Mylon pelopidas Pale Mylon  Y
Nisoniades ephora Ephora Tufted-Skipper Y
Nisoniades rubescens Purplish Tufted-Skipper Y
Noctuana lactifera bipuncta Cryptic Skipper Y
Noctuana stator Red-studded Skipper Y
Ocyba calathana calanus Yellow-rimmed Scarlet-eye Y
Pellicia angra angra Rare Tufted-Skipper ?
Pellicia arina Glazed Tufted-Skipper  Y
Pellicia dimidiata Morning Glory Tufted-Skipper ?
Phanus sp Phanus sp Y
Polygonus leo  Hammock Skipper Y
Polythrix mexicanus Mexican Longtail Y
Pyrgus communis Common Checkered-Skipper Y
Pyrgus oileus Tropical Checkered-Skipper Y
Quadrus cerialis Common Blue-Skipper  Y
Quadrus lugubris Tanned Blue-Skipper Y
Spathilepia clonius Falcate Skipper Y
Staphylus ascalaphus Central American Sootywing Y
Staphylus mazans Mazans Sootywing  ?
Staphylus vulgata Golden-snouted Sootywing Y
Systasea pulverulenta Texas Powdered-Skipper Y
Telemiades choricus Mexican Telemiades Y
Theagenes aegides White-centered Bent-Skipper Y
Timochares ruptifasciata Brown-banded Skipper Y
Timochares trifasciata trifasciata Many-banded Skipper Y
Urbanus blue sp   Y
Urbanus dorantes  Dorantes Longtail Y
Urbanus procne Brown Longtail Y
Urbanus simplicius Plain Longtail Y
Urbanus tanna Tanna Longtail Y
Urbanus teleus Teleus Longtail Y
Urbanus viterboana/belli Bluish Longtail Y?
Xenophanes tryxus Glassy-winged Skipper  y
Zopyrion sandace Sandy Skipper Y
    Subfamily Heteropterinae: 3 species Skipperlings  
Dardarina dardaris Dardaris Skipperling Y
Piruna ceracates Veracruz Skipperling Y
Piruna roeveri Roever's Skipperling Y
    Subfamily Hesperiinae: 39 species Grass-Skippers  
Aides brilla Brilliant Silverpatch Y
Amblyscirtes exoteria Large Roadside-Skipper Y
Amblyscirtes tolteca tolteca Toltec Roadside-Skipper Y
Anthoptus epictetus Trailside Skipper Y
Callimormus juventus Juventus Skipper Y
Callimormus saturnus Ubiquitous or Saturnus Skipper Y
Carystoides sp Mexican Ruby-eye Y
Cobalopsis nero Nero Skipper Y
Corticea corticea Redundant Skipper  Y
Corticea lysias Lysias Skipper Y
Cymaenes trebius Fawn-spotted Skipper Y  "odilia"
Decinea percosius Double-dotted Skipper Y
Enosis immaculata immaculata Immaculata Skipper Y
Lerema liris Liris Skipper  Y
Mnasicles geta Violet-frosted Skipper Y
Mnasitheus nitra Nitra or Gold-dusted Skipper Y
Moeris striga stroma Flag Skipper Y
Monca crispinus Violet-patched Skipper  Y  (= tyrtaeus), "telata"
Morys lyde Violet-studded Skipper Y   "geisa"
Niconiades nikko Nikko Skipper Y
Panoquina hecebolus Hecebolus Skipper ?
Panoquina lucas Purple-washed Skipper Y
Panoquina ocola ocola Ocola Skipper Y
Papias dictys Bottom-spotted Skipper ?
Paratrytone aphractoia Snowball-spotted or Snowball Skipper Y
Paratrytone sp pair on Cofre de Perote Y
Perichares philetes adela Green-backed Ruby-eye  ?
Poanes monticola  Monticola or Oyamel Skipper Y
Polites subreticulata  Subreticulate Skipper Y
Polites vibex praeceps Whirlabout Y
Pompeius pompeius Pompeius Skipper/Common Glassywing Y
Quinta cannae Canna Skipper   Y
Remella duena - sp? Guatemalan Remella ?
Remella rita - sp? Rita’s Remella  ?
Saturnus reticulata obscurus Bell's or Skid-marked Skipper Y
Synapte pecta Northern Faceted-Skipper Y "malitiosa"
Synapte salenus Salenus Faceted-Skipper Y
Vehilius stictomenes illudens Pasture Skipper Y
Wallengrenia otho  Southern Broken-dash Y
Zenis jebus janka Purple-stained Skipper ?
    Tribe Megathymini: 0 species (minimum) Giant-Skippers