Field Notes
Acknowledgements and Thank Yous
This book follows the work of Gerardo Lamas in his Checklist: Part 4A Hesperiodidae - Papilionoida from the Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera. We are indebted to Dr. Lamas for this work and his assistance with the identification of several species.
We thank Bob Robbins for editing nearly 500 photos of Hairstreaks. We are very appreciative of the assistance of Keith Wilmott with Clearwing identifications; Lee Miller with a portion of the Satyrs; Jason Hall with Sarotas, and Andrew Neild for helping to sort out some of the Memphis. David Robacker was of great help with many of the Nymphalids and the Parides. Olaf Mielke, Ezequiel Bustos, and Richard Lindstrom made significant contributions to Skipper identifications.  Thanks so much to each of you!
Jackie Miller and Andrei Sourakov at the McGuire Center, University of Florida at Gainesville, were very helpful on visits to work with specimens under their care. Three private collections, those of David Robacker, Mike McInnis, and Jesus Garcia were extremely helpful and were sources of some of the photos used. Thank all of you so much.
Without the work of the photographers, this work would not be possible! Thanks to each of you.
Jim Brock Bob Grosek Fred Ramsey
Hank Brodkin Juan Guillermo Jarmillo Martin Reid
Priscilla Brodkin Dave Hanson Barbara Ribble
Bill Bouton Rich Hoyer Willie Sekula
Rick Cech Amy Johnson Mike Strangeland
Kim Davis Selena King Ellie Thompson
Nelson Dobbs Frank Lambert Nathalie Tobias
Jacques Erard Richard Lindstrom Kay Wade
Lee Ellington Emily Peyton  Dan Wade
Eduardo Frick Gil Quintanilla  Bret Whitney